Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Artful Minded..

 I remember being six years of age and totally engrossed in my little plah-doh world. Guess that's when my art cravings started to surface if you will. If I wasn't  playing with Tonka trucks,building tree forts or wanting to was always there for me.  I guess it's a way for me to deal with this sometimes very harsh world..Its just how I cope with pain, or sorrow of what I sometimes see in this life.. and also when I am simply at peace with everything..just in short a very dear part of who I am..

 Today, My creative side never seems to rest fully.. over the years I have made quite a collection of products of daily emotion. Most of which can be viewed in my website..  and 

 Pretty much it just remains a daily active side of Art Junky side you could say.. I do find time to get other things done all the same. God first..<3 then Art completes me.. Each day I'm working on some art or crafty challenge. Learning every day different art approaches. I challenge myself often, as I don't limit myself to only one medium, media..or specialty. No way.. I enjoy simply attempting so many different artful notions. I Sculpt, Hand build Pottery, Clay and Fiber Jewelry, Basket Weaving, Quilting, Rag Rugs, Abstract Paintings, Paper Collage.. Paper Mache, Sketching, and here lately crocheting and knitting.  I'm just kind of into trying new things all the time..




     A few Acrylic Abstracts I I'm still experimenting with painting for the first
lessons just a friend gave me some paint, and rather than throw it away..I tried it just to see if   
 maybe I could.. and to my surprise I love the feel of Acrylics.. I think I'm gonna keep going..=))

  This was  a very difficult and grieving time for me as it was my first real experience of losing someone very dear to me to Cancer..and aggressive radiation treatments.... I did this painting thru absolute raging tears..and well guess it shows.. She was beautiful inside and out..and stills is in my      heart where she will always remain..

  You see in different times in my's how I deal with pain or difficult emotions..I just release it in my art.. where it stays and becomes a permanent part of my memories.


                   I also found I really enjoy photography..Nature can be so serene and patient


                     Right now..I'm working on two projects.. finishing my basket, and this quilt
                                 I've been working on slowly..  I just so enjoy staying busy creating..
                                                       In my element guess you could say..

still going..
In short I really enjoy life,in all of it's many aspects..and that inspires me to create.

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