Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Rag Rugs WooHoo!! =D

 A new interest of mine..as I enjoy learning new things. Seems like each couple of months I'm into a new artful or craft worthy challenge. I love it!

 My Mother In Law..shared some basics of rag quilting with me.  I enjoyed taking baby steps in that time honored tradition. She's amazing at it, she's made so many different kinds of quilts over the years. She gave me some boxes of fabrics and scrap materials from her shed dating back some 30 yrs and surprisingly still in great shape. This eventually led to what I found on the net about scrap fabrics and such when I bumped into the basics of Rag Rugs and hence, I had found a new love. After learning some basics of crocheting, oh my I was inspired.

  but then my very first one..was kind of awkward..so not really liking the outcome so far..I quit..=(
Then I started another one.. a t-shirt rug if you will..
well this one started turning up..
I was not thrilled with not being able to make a rug at this point
but this hat mistake actually was looking pretty good to me so
I just went with it..=)P
Pretty awesome mistake to me, its so thick and warm for this
coming winter..ha I love it..
So after not being too happy with this..I found out about
hand knotting rugs, no crocheting..just using my hands..so I gave it a try..
not sure why it looks blue here..but anyway was basically using,black, white,and gray toned fabric scraps..
This took a lot longer..

                                             but was very happy with the way it turned out..

                                                             and of course my helper.. ;)
                                            but really loved my first one I actually finished..

So I went to the net to figure out where I was messing up
with the crocheted type of rag rugs,and realized not only was
I pulling way too tight, but I learned to double stitch sometimes
to make it lay flat..wow okay...so I started again..
and were off..yes!!
even my son got in on the fun..
and then my Daughter- In-Law =)..wow love her technique looking great..
so anyway..I keep going..and my girl keeping
an eye on it making sure I'm doing it right an all.. ;)
okay..getting big now..awesome!
  Love how my first Rag Rug turned out..
four ft. in diameter, and it feels great.
     Had a lot of blue scrap fabric left so I made
a square one for the upstairs bath.
and then the Rag Rug fever sure kicked in.. and man I had a blast..


                               I also learned with long rugs, you need to start with a longer
                          chain originally, although I'm no real crochet person still learning
                                in that area, but I did a 36 chain on this one to start with.. and
                                  I learned to double stitch around the corners to make it turn.
and starting another one..=))P
okay so still learning as far as crocheting, but man I am
really enjoying making Rag Rugs, and have made two for relatives so far.
To me, I'm not so much into all the rules and such after all I totally failed art class
in grade school, but hey I'm a successful sculptor, and artist today.. www.clayfulintentions.com
 so just get in there and have fun..=))


  1. Ha.. =))P thank you..you are so darn sweet..i enjoy making these so much!!

  2. Curious on a square rug, say crochet a row then flip over. Do I add a stitch be4 I flip or after. Thanks

  3. So sorry I'm just now seeing your comment..but double stitching on the corners helped me with a more square rug.😊